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The Story of Civilization CD-ROM

The Story of Civilization by Will and Ariel Durant CD-ROM ISO image

Travel through time on an extraordinary guided tour of human civilization. The Story of Civilization by Will and Ariel Durant is the unabridged 11 volume comprehensive historical work that has long been a valuable resource in homes, libraries and schools. This interactive CD-ROM showcases the Durant's vivid writing, bringing the massive 11-volume set (over 50 years of work) to new life. Includes instant-access search and retrieval program to serve as your personal librarian. Lightning fast searches across thousands of passages to find any date, period, name, phrase or fact you need. Over 800 illustrations accompany the text, including maps, paintings, sculptures and photos of the people and places that shaped civilization. Includes 28-minute video documentary.

Identifier Story_of_Civ_CD
Creator Will and Ariel Durant
Mediatype software
Publicdate 2011-01-24 11:07:03
Addeddate 2011-01-24 11:05:29


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on 1/24/2011